Workout with your baby or toddler at home

Mamaz in Motion is short 20 minute high intensity workouts done in the comfort of your own home. Re-discover your unstoppable confidence through 20 minute toning workouts through Facebook Live, in the comfort of your own home on your own time!

Becoming a Mom can be a tough transition and with countless demands on our time, we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves and our incredible bodies. Becoming fitter, leaner, stronger and healthier breeds an unstoppable confidence and will improve your life in an untold number of ways!

Mamaz in Motion is breaking through all the barriers moms face when it comes to creating a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Workout in your own home on your own schedule with our efficient high-intensity workouts. Forget about burning through valuable time trying to leave the house with the kids and get to the gym. These effective workouts are a lifelong solution to sustained fitness for working moms. All you need is a yoga mat and a small space in your living room, garage or yard.  

Facebook Mom's workout

Work at your own pace with no pressure. Low impact modifications provided as well as higher intensity options. You will feel completely confident and very proud of yourself for getting your body moving and getting a much needed mental boost. Each exercise will come with options for varying levels of intensity. Perfect for pregnant moms (like myself) , moms who have taken an extended ..... break from exercise as well as our sporty, runner moms. 

Workout with other Mom's on Facebook

Mamaz in Motion is a wonderful community of fellow mothers from all over the world who will help motivate you and hold you accountable.  We are all doing this Mom thing together and we just get it! You can create friendships  with other Mamaz in Motion Moms in your neighborhoods through connecting on our Facebook page.

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Workouts are both safe and effective for postpartum moms. Core work will help repair any potential diastasis  (separation of the abdominal muscles commonly occurring after birth).  The workouts are also great for pregnant Moms. (I did Mamaz in Motion throughout my pregnancy with my second). Mamaz in Motion differs from any other online workout program because it is designed specifically to reverse the effects of pregnancy and childbirth on a mom’s body.  Workouts incorporate functional strength that will make all your many daily activities easier on your body. 

Coach Angela of Mamaz in Motion

It is very important to me not only to spread the joy of fitness but also make it accessible to everyone. At  $9.99 per month, it's the best value for money you will find. 

Moms need options to workout

Add these easy-to-access workouts to supplement your walking routine, local fitness classes or gym membership. All while your little ones watch you work towards your goals. 

Mamaz in Motion is a great community